Tethered Rigid Fin Outdoor Advertising Blimps / (II). Rigid fins Blimps

Tethered Rigid Fin Outdoor Advertising Blimps:
(Made of PVC fabrics.)

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The Traditional inflatable Fin tethered blimp was not good for flying, due to it is not easy to fill the Helium gas enough into the Fin portions. After several days flying, naturally the helium gas leaked, the inflatable fins are not strong enough to keep the blimp body at stable. Specially, in the strong windy day, that will be very dangerous.
Our new developed Nylon cloth and sticks assorted to make the new Tethered Rigid Fin Advertising blimps. Even small size blimp just likes 13.5 ft long, it still can be floated in the windy day very stable. It is safe and economy!!
Length:12 ft Diameter: 5.5ft Rigid Fins Blimp.  
  Length:16ft Diameter: 6.5ft Rigid fins Blimp.  
  Length: 20ft Diameter: 7.7ft Yellow Rigid fins blimp.  
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