Outdoor Remote Control Airships / THRC-1000

RC Outdoor Airship: THRC-1000

(100% finished and tested before the delivery. The Li-Po Battery and Charger and RC system are included.)

THRC-1000 is an excellent Lta platform tools, which is especially designed for light payload. It can be configured with different accessory by your request. (Remote controlled head) This model was mainly adopted in aerial advertising, photo and video, aerial pollution monitoring and sensing, science experiments, university project and of course Outdoor advertising.


  • Two brushless motors 1900 W.
  • 10 LI-Po batteries for Servo and Impeller Motors. 5 LI-Po batteries for tail direction Motor.
  • Top FUTABA 10 channel Digital proportional RC System.
  • 8 pc of the 1.5V batteries for the FUTABA proportional RC System.
  • Can suspending in the air and vertical takeoff.
  • Much higher speed, much stronger power in case of single engine.
  • Easy to deposited and transfer, low operation cost.

    10 M RC Outdoor Airship.
    Technical Data:


    10 m


    0.58 h


    2.5 m


    0-40 km/h


    2.6 m

       Cruise Speed:

    5-15 km/h

       Max Diameter:

    2.2 m


    1.0h - Max 2 h

       Envelope Volume:

    39.5 m3

       Operating Wind Speed:

    18 km/h

       Area for AD:

    4.0 m x 1.8 m

       Max Payload:

    6 kgs

       Max Power:

    2 x 1900 W

       Disposable Payload



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