Outdoor Remote Control Airships / THRC-650

RC Outdoor Airship: THRC-650

(100% finished and tested before the delivery. The Li-Po Battery and Charger and RC system are included.)

THRC-650 is an excellent Outdoor Advertising tool, which is especially designed for light payload. You can install a light wireless camera system. Endurance can be increased with LI-Po battery.


  • Two brushless motors 800 W.
  • 10 LI-Po batteries for Servo and Impeller Motors. 5 LI-Po batteries for tail direction Motor.
  • Top FUTABA 10 channel Digital proportional RC System.
  • 8 pc of the 1.5V batteries for the FUTABA proportional RC System.
  • Can suspending in the air and vertical takeoff.
  • Much higher speed, much stronger power in case of single engine.
  • Easy to deposited and transfer, low operation cost.

    6.5 M RC Outdoor Airship
    Technical Data:


    6.5 m


    0.45 h


    1.85 m


       0-30 km/h


    2.0 m

       Cruise Speed:

      5-10 km/h

       Max Diameter:

    1.75 m


    Max 2 h

       Envelope Volume:

    16 m3

       Operating Wind Speed:

    40 km/h

       Area for AD:

    2.0 m x 0.8 m

       Max Payload:

    2.5 kgs

       Max Power:

    2 x 800 W

       Disposable Payload

    0.1 kgs


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