Outdoor Remote Control Airships

RC Outdoor Airships:

We sold the RC Blimp Envelopes for 10 years. Now we have our own design RC Airship product lines.
Our outdoor Remote Control Airships are used in outdoor advertising for sporting events, concerts and fairs.  Everything about our Outdoor RC Airship product line is designed with safety in mind. Blimp Envelope, control systems…..our experience in the manufacture of the radio controlled airships, it was continuously improving. 
At moment our electric engines was used for 5m, 6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,13m, it is easy and cheep for flying.

The outdoor Remote Control airship can operate in winds from 20 to over 38 km/h with full 360 degree vectoring allowing for complete reverse flight.  The gondola is fibber glass. The vector arm (rotatable arm which holds and rotates the motors) rotates 360 degrees and is made of aluminum alloy, as are the motor mounts. 
We can also manufacture custom-size blimps which perfectly to meet your request. All of our outdoor Remote Control Airships come standard with interchangeable banner areas and a selective remote controlled video head.

Flight characteristics:
(1) The outdoor RC Airships can takeoff and land vertically in a limited area
And switch to forward flight capability at any desired altitude.
(2) In the forward flight mode, the airship was controlled like a fixed wing
(3) In the hover mode, the operation is similar to a helicopter was controlled.
(4) During slow forward flight or hover in wind, a combination of these two
techniques was used.

Flight Operations:
Operation of the outdoor RC Airships should be conducted only by fully
experienced RC pilots with knowledge of batteries, engines, radio transmitter, receiver, servo operations and the airship's capabilities.

For R/C Outdoor, we have 6 common sizes:
There are 6.5m, 7m, 8m,9m,10m and 13m, but other sizes are also available.

“Customer’s design is also welcome.”

( Any size, any shape but floating enough is necessary. )

Gondola and components for the PVC Basic shape Outdoor Airships.
There are Gondola, Futaba 6 channels Controller, Rigid fin/with motor, LiPo battery, Tail Motor.

Gondola, Controller, Rigid fin/with motor, Tail Motor.
Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
Gondola, Controller, Rigid fin, LiPo battery.
Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

RC Outdoor Airship Items

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