Indoor Remote Control Blimps
RC Indoor Blimps:
Our RC Indoor Blimps are perfect for stadiums, trade shows, arenas, and many other indoor events. They are made of TPU and PVC fabrics and designed for indoor use only. Our blimp was delivered ready to fly well, due to it was hand make and strictly tested before the delivery.No experience is required for the easy fly. All of our indoor blimps are 25-30 Km/h on Max speed.
Each blimp included:
6 channel computer radio system with NiMh transmitter batteries.
(2). 4 to 6 channel Futaba 2.4 Ghz anti jamming system.
Top of the line Futaba servo.

Fast Digital Chargers 12V and 220V/110V and Charging leads for all batteries.

Mini CCD camera tilt / pan with HF system.
( only for the PVC basic shapes.)
(2). Transparent envelope / with LED lights.
2 ply envelopes Nylon and TPU.

For the RC Indoor Blimps, we have 5 common sizes:
TPU light payload Cigar shape: 4.0m and 4.5m.
(2). PVC material basic shapes: 4.5m, 5m, 6m.
But the other sizes are also available.

“Customer’s design is also welcome.”

( Any size, any shape but floating enough is necessary. )
Gondola and components for the Light Payload Cigar shape THFS-40 and THFS-45 blimps and for the PVC Basic shapes indoor blimps as showed below.
There are Gondola, FUTABA 4 or 6 channels Controller, fin/Motor, Li-Po Battery, TPU envelope, Nylon envelope, Tail Motor.



Gondola, Controller, Light fin/Motor.
Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.  
Gondola, Controller, Light fins/Motor, Envelope, Tail Motor.
Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.  
Gondola, Controller, Rigid fin/Motor, Tail Motor.
Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.  

RC Indoor Blimp Items

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