Tien Hsin Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.
( Established since 1971 )
Customer’s Design is Welcome.
Our products range:
Balloons and inflatable displays:
From the small Latex balloons for Advertising to the Giant Helium balloons fly in the sky for Aero-Media, and the lovely Cold Air inflatable Display balloons on the ground.
R/C Airships and Blimps:
At moment we develop the technology of the Outdoor Remote Control Airships and Indoor R/C Blimps for the excellent Aero-Media, and the technical Sky-Lantern to pray for Blessing.

The Best Quality of the Products & the Best Services in Mind:
Tien Hsin Chemical stresses the manufacture of huge balloons for promotional and advertising purposes. Products range from Latex balloons, Decorator balloons to Giant Advertising Helium Balloons, Parade balloons, Blimp Helium balloons, Hot air balloon shape balloons. Cold air Display balloons, Divinity inflatable Figures, Inflatable Tents and Arches. At moment we develop the technology of the Outdoor Remote Control Airships and Indoor R/C Blimps, and the Developed Sky-Lanterns to pray for blessing. Every product Line we work with safety and the Best Quality and the Best Services in mind.
Strong Technology for Latex Balloons and R/C Airships:
Tien Hsin Chemical established since 1971. We have more and more experiences and strong technologies at the Latex balloon compound and the Latex balloon Making Machines, Automatic Balloon printing machines. We started from the Latex Balloon manufacture and involved into the Giant Advertising Helium Balloon products next. Now We have our own design of the R/C Airships and Blimps and the Tech. Sky-Lanterns.
Giant Inflatable Displays and Helium Balloons:
Tien Hsin Chemical manufactures Decorative balloons, Party balloons, PVC Giant Promotional Helium balloons and Cold air inflatable Display balloons. These products are made of PVC and Nylon. For the advertising and promotional purpose. Item include Giant Helium Round balloons, Hot air balloon shape balloons, Tethered Rigid Fin Blimp balloons, Parade balloons, Divinity Inflatable Figures in solid, transparent and multiple colors.
Nylon Inflatable Display figure Balloons:

Tien Hsin Chemical started the Wonderful Nylon Arches and Nylon Ground inflatable Display balloons and Roof Top balloons. The markets are birthday party, school events, Fundraisers, Fairs.

R/C Airships: (Electric Engines Only)
Indoor R/C Blimps:

Our Indoor R/C Blimps are perfect for stadiums, trade shows, arenas, and many other indoor events. They are made of TPU and PVC fabrics and designed for indoor use only. Our blimps were delivered ready to fly well, due to it was hand make and strictly tested before the delivery. No experience is required for the easy fly. All of our indoor blimps are 25-30 Km/per hour on Max speed.
Outdoor R/C Airships:
Our Outdoor Remote Control Airships used in outdoor advertising for sporting events, concerts and fairs. Everything about our outdoor R/C Airship product line is designed with safety in mind. Blimp Envelopes, Control systems…. Our experiences in the manufacture of the radio controlled blimps. The work was continuously improving. The outdoor Remote Control airship can operate in winds from 20 to over 38 km/h with full 360 degree vectoring allowing for complete reverse flight. It is easy and cheep for flying.


Established: 1971
Factories: In Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Tel: +886-7-7884525, 7883111
Fax: +886-7-7884519, 7883793

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